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New kiosk software a good Fit

Photo Direct has expanded its brand portfolio, bringing Italian-based Fit Engineering’s photo kiosk hardware and ‘DiLand’ software to the Australian and New Zealand markets, specifically to complement its suite of DNP photo printers.

Screen-1-1024x769‘Fit produces a range of multimedia touch-screen kiosks, tailored to a manufacturer’s specifications for self-service photo order creation,’ said Steuart Meers, Photo Direct.

‘We’re particularly excited by the work Fit Engineering has achieved in collaboration with Dai Nippon (DNP) and believe this will make our job much easier when presenting the business case to retailers for a total DNP solution.

‘It moves data around at a phenomenal speed,’ he added.

He said that Fit’s DiLand kiosk software ‘deeply integrates’ with DNP printers, to the point where there is no requirement to install printer drivers, and no set up or configuration required. The sofware automatically recognises a DNP printer environment. Mr Meers added that DiLand software merged with another Italian-based kiosk software developer Oblo two years ago and had an installed base of around 10 – 15,000 kiosks, mainly in Europe.

The DiLand software would best suit retailers with a ‘store-centric’ operation, while retailers with more of an internet-oriented business may find Photo Direct’s LifePics kiosk/online/mobile software more suitable. However the DiLand sotware accepts images from smartphones and devices via cable and customers can download software to send orders from their home PC.

Retailers pay a one-off licence fee with no added ‘per-click’ costs. After a year then have the option of subscribing for upgrades. If they choose not to, the initial licence will still be supported with patches and fixes as they are required.

Fit Engineering was founded in 1994 by a group of engineers with a background in the field of automation systems. It has been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling kiosk hardware and software solutions for photo retailers since 2004.

Screen4-1024x724‘The company also has distribution in Israel and Singapore and of course it’s now appointed us exclusively for Australia and New Zealand,’ said Mr Meers. He said that as print creation and customer experience solutions continue to change and diversify due to a range of market pressures, companies like Fit Engineering will play a pivotal role in helping manufacturers improve and streamline the business model employed by smart retailers.

‘The DiLand DNP software solution is just the start of some exciting developments we’ll see Down Under.’

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