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PMA plans 2014 ‘prosumer’ show for Sydney

IDEA decided at its AGM earlier this week not to run a Digital Show in 2014, leaving the way clear for PMA to mount an enthusiast-oriented event along the lines of ‘The Big Photo Show’ organised by PMA in the USA.

Peter Rose, PMA: Looking for a more collaborative approach in planning an industry event for 2014.
Peter Rose, PMA: Looking for a more collaborative approach in planning an industry event for 2014.

Photo Counter has been unable to contact IDEA to get more details on its decision not to continue with the annual show in 2014. It’s understood that a 2015 IDEA-run event has not been discounted.

PMA director for Australian activities, Peter Rose, confirmed that IDEA had decided not to run a show in 2014, and had no objections to the PMA alternative.

‘It hasn’t been finalised yet, but in informal discussions prior to the IDEA AGM they said it would be fine if PMA were to move forward with our plans.’

He said the format would be an education-oriented ‘prosumer’ event with a smaller expo component than has been the case with recent annual shows.

‘There will be a smaller expo component and a very heavy emphasis on education.’ He said that retailers would be on hand to sell products, rather than having distributors play that role.

Mr Rose said that the event would be directed at prosumers specifically, rather than trade or the digital lifestyle consumer which IDEA has been targetting over the past few years.

It will take place in Sydney in the second half of next year. The Sydney Exhibition Centre has been ruled out as it is undergoing a major upgrade and won’t be re-opened again until 2016. (It’s also an extremely expensive venue for exhibitors.)

‘Our first step will be for PMA to meet with IDEA and retailers at the planning stage. We want all interested parties to have a voice, so this becomes very much a collaborative effort,’ he said.

He wanted to move away from a ‘working in silos’ approach and see the industry working more closely together.


  1. Phil Gresham Phil Gresham November 1, 2013

    The whole trade needs to work together for the good and survival of the photo industry and throw out the old egos of the past. We all knew (excepting one or two at PICA) that Australia could never duplicate the Las Vegas mega CES Show, what were they thinking?

    The CE channel Harvey Normans and others are doing there own thing, with traditional photo being a very small part of this. They aren’t the demographic for our show, but they might attend in future when they see what is happening.

    Good on you Peter Rose, with partner in crime John Bourne, you held the last successful, read profitable trade show. Add great PMA /DIMA education sessions prior, and we are assured of success.

    Then add in the AIIP and the huge ever expanding prosummers to the mix with lots of “how to” sessions at the trade show, full of retailers selling the stuff that is being demonstrated.

    The PMA Big Photo Show in LA this year was a good example of what can be achieved with the industry working together, they based that event on what had been achieved when PMA ran the show in years prior.

    The best thing is that $ raised goes back into the trade for the good of the industry as a whole not for just a few.

  2. Paul Boniface Paul Boniface November 2, 2013

    Whole heartly support Phil’s written word well thought out Phil

    Regards Paul
    Scone Digital Imaging

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