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UPDATE: Gold Coast photo show ‘postponed’

UPDATE: Two weeks after speaking with me about this show, I was informed by the organisers that it had been postponed for 11 months!

This is what they wrote: ‘Don’t know if you have seen any of the updates, but we have had to change the date for BFP Show. It will now be in October 2019.

We have done this to accommodate larger manufacturers who set their annual marketing budgets and would have been very difficult for them to adjust to attend another show in 2018.’

Who would have thought – annual marketing budgets! Apologies to the PhotoCounter readership…


The BFP Show, a major new equipment exhibition focussing on broadcast, film and photography, is scheduled to take at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Complex (Carrara) on November 21-25.

Photography will take up one of the two large exhibition halls at the Gold Coast Sports & Leisure complex at Carrara.

Drones and virtual reality technology will also have a featured presence at the show as they are a quickly growing catagory in the visual media industry.

Director of Sales & Marketing for the BFP show, Scott Berkin, told PhotoCounter that one of the two large exhibition halls in which the event will take place will be entirely devoted to the photographic industry.

He said that the organisers wanted to attract the full gamut of the photographic community to the show – from consumers with an interest in photography, to keen enthusiasts, right through to retailers and professional photographers. While there would be an accompanying conference (the program is yet to be revealed), the key focus would be on the actual exhibition.

‘The concept is a little different to previous events of this kind in that it will be more about the technology and services on the exhibition floor. We want to give attendees maximum opportunity to meet with exhibitors and have an exiting ‘hand’s on’ experience with the latest technology. We are still having a conference, but as support for the expo – so the event becomes more valuable for exhibitors.’

The show organisers are well-established broadcast/TV production industry executives. With the BFP website now live and planning in the final stages, the next crucial step is to signing ‘Foundation Partners’, including one specifically from the photgraphic industry .

‘We are in discussions with major suppliers from each of the three areas. We want one key industry supplier from each of the three areas and which will encourage other suppliers to be involved. At this stage we have a good list of companies we’ve been contacting and talking to who are interested in exhibiting. Once the Foundation Partner negotations are completed and announced, booth registration for all exhibitors will commence,’ he said. Companies interested in exhibiting can register their interest for more information through the website.

The show will be over five days, starting off with a VIP/Invitation-only day and gala dinner on Wednesday, November 21. Sunday will also be entirely devoted to the exhibition, with the (ticketed) conference from Thursday to Saturday, including the VIP day.

The launching of the BFP event follows hard on the heels of the announcement of a two-day conference/seminar for photo enthusiasts at Darling Harbour in April.

Scott Berkin can be contacted on I 0409 063 170

Click here to access the website.


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