L&P in liquidation

After 38 years serving professional photographers, it appears respected Sydney-based L&P Photographic Supplies is shutting its doors.

Insolvency website Insolvencynotices.com.au has announced that at a general meeting of members of L&P Photographics on August 2, ‘it was resolved that the Company be wound up and that Christopher John MacDonnell (Restructuring Solutions), be appointed liquidator’.

Industry sources have informed PhotoCounter that it has been known for some time that the business was in financial difficulties, but there was no particular business decision or direction which brought the liquidation on. ‘It’s been a slow, terrible death,’ observed one contact. 

The 900 sq metre showroom and offices in Artarmon (near North Sydney) which were once convenient and close to the centre of the professional photography scene in Sydney, became less appealing as a destination with increased traffic congestion and parking difficulties. The property – not owned by L&P –  was sold by the current landlord in June. 

L&P was a medium and large format camera specialist at a time demand for these units was waning. Then there’s been the changes in the lighting marketplace with the arrival of lower cost Chinese brands and LCD technology.

The acquisition and financial re-invigoration of Sun Studios (competing in products, studio rentals and equipment rentals) by supplier Canon would have also been a mitigating factor. 

L&P was Australian distributor for a range of prestige brands including Phase One, Capture One, Cambo, Pocketwizard, Sekonic, Rodenstock, Tenba, B&W Cases and Kaiser Fototechnik.

Leading professional lighting manufacturer ProFoto moved local distribution from L&P to CR Kennedy in April. 

L&P Photographics was started back in the 1980s and under the leadership of Bruce Pottinger has always been a major contributor to the Australian photographic community, with a major presence at trade shows, consistent sponsorship support for professional photographers and their associations, and many hours and days of behind-the-scenes committee work. 

PhotoCounter contacted Bruce Pottinger for some input to this report, but he was unable to respond at very short notice. We will follow up next week.

Our sincere condolences to Bruce, Richard Williamson and the L&P team. 



9 thoughts on “L&P in liquidation

  1. I have been an L&P customer from the day they opened the doors and have known Bruce, Len, Richard and many of the team well before then.

    Its is a sad day when industry change reshapes our community but without hesitation it has been a privilege to deal with a group or professionals who define integrity and show generosity in their support of the industry. The respect they are held within the industry by far eclipses this news and reflects their stature within the professional community, good luck to you Bruce and crew.

  2. Bruce and Len are great blokes who have done so much to support the development of professional photography in Australia. Bruce in particular has given his time selflessly to the industry and many individuals. I’m sure that many will join me in wishing Bruce and the L&P team the very best for the future.

  3. Bruce & Richard, It has been nothing but a pleasure working with you both and the entire L&P team. Very sad news, but certainly a trend in our industry.

    All the best to you both, please keep in touch!

    Cheers Mates!

  4. Sigh. A sorry loss but totally understandable in these days of stiff competition. Bruce, Keith, Richard, the whole rental and repair team too, were always more than helpful to us professionals. Sadly missed.

  5. Wishing Bruce, Len, Richard all the best. I remember celebrating with them that day at George’s nearly 40 years ago when they announced their new business. I wish them them well for the future. Congratulations on all your great achievements. Lincoln

  6. Sadness is with me as my friends as Bruce and Richard have to close shop, as the previous owner of L& P Adelaide my thoughts go back to the dual ventures we used to do togerher. Now retired and looking back on how the Photographic trade has changed it amazes me. Best of Luck Bruce…. Ron Millington

  7. There are few people in the industry or the profession of photography who would not have benefited from the massive dedication Bruce Pottinger has made to photography in Australia. His years as coordinator of the PICA Trade show as Board director working with Paul Curtis as Consulting Executive Director, brought huge gains for all participants. His personal enthusiasm for photography, his two brands Phase One and Capture One image processing software in particular, have raised the bar. Whether it was at the ACMP Barossa weekends, or lectures for AIPP members, or the wonderful L&P photo exhibitions that launched many a photographer to a wider audience, he has always been there. Bruce: We hope the industry can find you a niche where we can all learn from you for a while longer the power of passion and commitment – two things you have in spades. Go well in these challenging coming weeks.

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