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Instax ‘reaches out’ to smartphones

Fujifilm in Europe and the US have announced a new Instax Share SP-3 SQ printer for smartphone pics.

As the name implies, the printer produces square (and tiny) photos with a 62mm (2.4-inch) picture area in an 86 x 72mm frame.

It produces prints in 13 seconds. Users can print up to 9 thumbnail photo on one sheet, or add text to printed photos. There are 11 templates ranging from magazine covers to CD jackets. Users can also adjust the colour and size of text.


In addition to Instagram and Facebook, the accompanying app (Apple and Android) is compatible with Dropbox, Google Photos and Flickr. Through the ‘Hashtag Print’ option, users can access Instagram directly through the app and select images under a chosen hashtag – useful for printing a collection of photos from any event where guests use a hashtag, like a wedding or party.

-Create instax photos by printing images from iPhones and Android phones and also print directly from X Series digital cameras to the SP-3;
– 800 x 800 dots at 318 dpi;
– Printing capacity of up to 160 prints per battery charge;
– Automatically sets the optimum brightness during printing;
– New Templates: My Template (add text, adjust image); Collage Template; Split Template;  SNS Template – a social media-linked printing feature allowing users to include their profile photo or number of likes in the photo; Real Time Template – the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity are indicated in the frame.

The new Instax Share SP-3 SQ will be available in the US in November for US$$199.95. No local details available as yet, but the PhotoCounter guesstimate is $299.95 or thereabouts.

A pack of 10 prints cost about $30 – or $3 each for a 62mm x 62mm print! And this is from the company which brought Australia the 8 cent print.

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