EXCLUSIVE: Dave Marshall departs Fujifilm!

It appears that Dave Marshall will be leaving his long tenure as Fujifilm chief operating officer in early October, according to a staff circular from Fujifilm Australia CEO Tyler Yanase.

It needs to be noted that PhotoCounter has not had direct confirmation of Dave Marshall’s departure from Fujifilm. Calls to Mr Yanase have gone unanswered. However, the copy of the email we have been forwarded has every appearance of being genuine, and was via a reliable source.  

Given Dave Marshall’s 18-year tenure at Fujifilm, and his prominence as a senior photo industry executive, the staff memo is unusually short and blunt: ‘The purpose of this email is to advise all staff members that Dave Marshall will no longer be with the business effective early October, 2017.’

It goes on to say that he is currently on leave and ‘he will not be in the office or dealing directly with our customers’ and instructs staff who ‘feel they need input from Dave’ to contact either himself or another senior executive ‘and we will make the necessary arrangements to assist you’.

The email neither thanks Dave Marshall for his contribution and leadership, nor wishes him well in his future endeavours. It doesn’t provide any reason for his departure and their is no reference to a resignation. 

Dave Marshall’s direct reports, Professional Imaging sales manager Mary Georgievski, marketing manager Dan Paul, and the Whitech subsidiary are to report to Nobahiko Koshimizu while Pierre Visser, Erica Moorehouse and Stephen Hodson report to Mr Yanase.

Dave Marshall has been with Fujifilm Australia in managing director/CEO/COO roles for over 18 years, having joined the photographic industry from Southcorp. 

UPDATE: We asked Fujifilm via its PR consultant, Deidre McAlinden, whether Fujifilm intended to make a formal announcement regarding Dave Marshall’s departure. She undertook to seek a response from Fujifim in mid-July. Apparently unsuccessfully. 





7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Dave Marshall departs Fujifilm!

    • Not really – keeping editorial opinion in check was a challenge tho! I hope whomever comes in to replace ol’ Dave has a bit more empathy for Fujifilm’s long-suffering specialist customers. A decent range of CA papers like they have in the rest of the world would be a good start…maybe even talking to the channel at some stage…Let’s face it, there’s plenty of room for improvement!

  1. Personally I think it is a sad day for the industry. Dave was a visionary and futurist. He stuck his neck out and challenged our ideas. Yes for some industry wise men, Dave’s decisions weren’t always palpable. However folks, it is a case of “Scoreboard! ” as Fujifilm has really become the the last man standing in so many areas today. A lot of that can be attributed to him. I wish Dave all the very best and I am sure that he will be a fantastic asset to wherever he choose to move on to next. Well Dave good luck and thank you for your contribution to our industry. Paul Clayton digiDIRECT.

  2. Agree Dave was a visionary and an influence on what many of us did in our business, his multi kiosk idea worked wonders in the day, we had 18 at one stage!

    Fujifilm decided to rid themselves of pesky retailers that only wanted to sell their film and good amounts of it too. We now sell heaps of Fuji made film, AgfaPhoto!!

  3. I will no doubt be shafted for what I am about to say! Firstly, this is the first time I have participated in this forum, and I hope the last! So if you reply do not expect an answer. This is a statement. For the record, I regard Dave Marshall as a friend. Over my lifetime, in what some refer to the photographic industry, I often observe the speciality retail sector having the belief that they have a Devine right to existence. That somehow they are owed!!! It’s a delusion. We are owed nothing! We earn our existence every day by the grace of our customers. If we are not relevant to them then we are not relevant! Period!

    Dave Marshall walked a line where he did his utmost to include the “old world” speciality industry with the “new world ” of the consumer deciding where they will shop. You do not have to look to far to see the results. To be blunt, who is left in the so called speciality photographic retail sector? The ones who are left would be successful if they were selling dog food because they are marketers and do not have a belief that they are “owed” a living.

    Dave Marshall was not a reactionary as most of us are. There was no “oh shit” moments for Dave when it came to market movements. He knew they were coming and positioned the company to take advantage of them. And why did he know! Well it was there in front of you all but most were in denial. Let’s face it, if you were told that the bulk of your capital investment was now worthless and that you had to take it to the tip and start again what would you do? Most would say “no way” and that’s what happened.

    So what is it I am trying to say? I have watched and read all the shit that has been put on Dave Marshall through this media channel and others over the years, but as the saying goes, ‘ be careful what you wish for”. These are ” the good old days”! Thank you Dave, from those who know you, that aspired to be part of the vision too. May your next chapter be a great adventure too!

    Rob Tolmie (Retired)

    • Hey Rob – where’s all this hostility coming from!? Pen a grumpy note to Fujifilm if you are upset by the fate of your friend. Attack Fujifilm management and not long-suffering independent retailers. And as far as equating the selling of dog food with photographic retailing, well I think at least some of my readership would find that a tad offensive. Woof woof!

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