IPI 2015 attracting Australian retailers

The 2015 IPI Conference (IPIC) will take place at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas from July 20 – 23.

GreenvalleyIPI is calling for registrations to be in by June 10.

The conference runs from the Monday through Thursday, and is regarded by most who attend as the best of the photo retailing conferences currently being run. (Read what some of last year’s Australian attendees had to say.)

‘We absolutely want to extend an enthusiastic invite to Australian retailers and currently have many already registered from Australia,’ IPI executive director, Ron Mohney told Photo Counter.

‘This year we have a riveting program designed to help members grow and re-invent their business with ‘The Vision Project’. This is a new licensed retail model we are launching. The great thing about this is that existing members will be able to take all the products and services we are developing and use them in their locations.

Click here for a short video on ‘The Vision Project’.

‘Phil Gresham gave me a tip earlier this week on airfares,’ Ron added. ‘His research showed that airfare is $1000 lower than it was last year. He was using American Airlines for his analysis.’

With PMA in Australia and New Zealand not running a conference in 2015, IPIC may attract more attention from the local industry. So far over 10 Australians have indicated they will be attending, including PMA Australia chairperson Paul Atkins and Camera House general manager, Paul Shearer. Australia has over 80 IPI members, largely via an affiliation with Camera House. New Zealand has two members.

Carly Michael, (Michaels CVD) will run a session on the resurgence of film use among enthusiast photographers.

Carly Michael, (Michaels CVD) will run a session on the resurgence of film use among enthusiast photographers.

The 2015 event will feature over 50 separate education topics; 11 group networking activities; 99 hours of ‘binge networking’ time; and 70 exhibiting supplying partners who take part in a trade show on the Wednesday of IPIC.

Among this year’s presenters is Carly Michael from Michaels CVD will head up a session on the resurgence of film-based photography.

Other session topics include:
– New Markets + Products in Digital Press Printing – Teach, Organize + Archive
– Designing the Perfect Photo Gallery Wall
–  Tips & Tricks from the Best Performing Retailers (with The Dakis Team)

Registration for the full conference is $599 at the current early-bird rate. This is the annual membership fee of $400 plus $199 for registration.



5 thoughts on “IPI 2015 attracting Australian retailers

  1. Sorry I will miss this years IPIC my first was at the green Valley Ranch in 2009, great location good distance from the strip which I like.

    If it wasn’t for a hip repair recovery I would be there, unless someone wants to buy me a lie flat seat 🙂

    I am amazed at how few Australians attend, especially those who aren’t really production centric and complaining about margin, the ideas you get from these meetings are like a PMA (remember them) x 10!

  2. We have already booked airfares and accomodation. Really looking forward to being able to talk and swap ideas with a group of forward thinking retailers all in the same spot at the same time.
    The program looks great and the hot weather will be a bonus.

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