HP formalises end of RPS business

HP has confirmed that it has now discontinued manufacture and sale of the HP Retail Publishing Solutions (RPS) range of equipment and software, following its earlier announcement that it had ceased new product development.

Not for sale: HP has given formal notice that RPS hardware and software has been taken off the market.

Not for sale: HP has given formal notice that RPS hardware and software has been taken off the market.

HP DesignJet wide format inkjet printers and LaserJet Laser Printers continue in the HP product portfolio.

There are around 300 HP retail printing installations around the country, with KMart and Ted’s Cameras accounting for around 200, around 50 installations in Camera House stores, a few in Retravisoin stores and the rest with other independent photo specialist retailers.

All HP RPS hardware and software sales are now discontinued, from its minilab and microlab printers through to kiosks and software.

Spare parts for RPS equipment, consumable supplies such as ink, paper and long life consumables, and the Designjet and Laserjet ranges will continue to be available.

Steuart Meers of Photo Direct, the local distributor for HP RPS, told retailers in a series of conference calls that HP would give another official notification and a further 12 months notice prior to withdrawing spare parts and consumables availability.

‘It’s important that customers have sufficient time to realise a decent return on investment, so we’ll be discussing forward planning with retailers on a one-to-one basis and then make forward orders to reflect their needs,’ said Mr Meers.

He said that he didn’t expect HP to give that final notification until at least some time next year, which would push out availability of parts and consumables until at least 2015.

Software upgrades will be the weak link in the chain, and Mr Meers said he would  be recommending customers switch over to Lucidiom kiosk software.

‘We will try to keep the cost no more and hopefully less than an HP software upgrade,’ he said.


4 thoughts on “HP formalises end of RPS business

  1. For those still using the HP RPS system K Mart ensures supply of consumables. For those who feel threatened by Kmart there is no threat in 2013!

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