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APS debuts ‘world first’ smartphone printer

Australian Photo Supplies (APS) will debut the Bolle Photo Printer BP-100, an innovative printer which enables photo retailers to tap into the smart phone accessory market, at The Digital Show in Melbourne this week.

The Bolle Photo BP-100 Printer is the first of its kind in the world, according to APS. It comes from Korean company, Prinics and is patent-protected across Europe and the US. It is a compact and easy to use, dye-sub-based smartphone printer compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices.

The compact printer comes with a built in iPhone dock and USB port. The user simply ‘docks’ the device, or connects via the inbuilt USB port. The BP-100 both prints images from and charges compatible devices.

The Paper and Toner Ink Cartridge is a unique all-in-one, easy to load and change unit. The paper quality is a best fit for photographs and comes with a no tear guarantee as well as being finger-proof and water resistant. The print size is 6×4-inch, with various print layout options available. There are also a number of clever and fun templates that can be used when printing.

The BP-100 produces a print in under a minute, at 300dpi.

The printer itself does not require a computer to operate. Apple and Android devices can directly communicate with the printer via a free downloadable application, ‘Bolle Photo’, available via the App Store and Android Market.

Shane Martin, national sales manager,  APS, noted that the Bolle Photo Printer is all about getting photos from phones quickly and easy, ideal for ‘instant gratification’ consumers. It also helps to promote and educate people into ensuring they print their precious memories off their phones.

The printer will have a retail price of around $199 while the cost of each print to the consumer will be between 75 and 95 cents each.

For more information contact APS on 1800 619 319, or click here.


  1. Mrs. Gaius Mrs. Gaius September 7, 2012

    Bolle Photo Printer-the world’s first smart phone photo printer is a very innovative idea from Prinics, South Korea. I have been using this product for the last 2 months and it has made photo printing a very easy experience. Especially when I am with my friends, we take photos and can easily print them. Its fairly simple to use. Download the Bolle photo app from appstore/ google play. Then Just dock your iPhone or any Apple product/ connect your android phone using USB and just print. You can create a collage of 4-10 photos and also take multiple copies. There is an inbuilt cartridge but the draw back is it can print only 36 photos and then it has to be replaced and you can only print photos in 4”X6”. But still worth it, especially for domestic use. And waiting for the next model from Prinics- BP Wi-Fi! That should make photo printing even easier! 🙂

  2. Local Expert Local Expert September 11, 2012

    Why would a consumer pay 75-95c per print when any Apple or USB device can be connected to a kiosk for silver halide prints at a fraction of that price?

  3. Chris Chris October 31, 2012

    It comes down to convenience, especially if you’re at a party & want the pics then & there. If you only want 1 or 2 pics at a time it’s cheaper than going to a photo lab for those 2 prints. We’re the only photo lab in town that can print with ease from an iphone. Very few kiosks can read them easily.

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