Fast cards from Kingston

January 12, 2011: Kingston Digital has announced February availability of SDHC UHS-I UltimateXX memory cards, the highest speed class available in SD format.

Kingston says the UltimateXX meets standards set by the Secure Digital Association for next-level performance in SD card technology

Kingston’s UltimateXX memory cards are targetted at ‘the serious photographer or videographer’. Photographers can easily capture sequential shots that were once a challenge due to the speed limitations of memory. The UltimateXX also makes it easy to capture HD video. The performance of SDHC UHS-I memory card is optimized when paired with a UHS-I device, although the card is backwards compatible with Class 4, 6 and 10 equipment.

‘Kingston is pleased to be one of the first manufacturers to offer SDHC UHS-I memory cards to our customers,’ said Nathan Su, Flash Memory sales director, APAC Region, Kingston. ‘As the devices that support SDHC UHS-I become prevalent, our UltimateXX cards are at the ready.’

Kingston’s UltimateXX line meets the SD Association standards for the UHS-I speed class with speeds up to 60MB/sec. read and 35MB/sec. write. At this performance level, the write speed of SDHC UHS-I memory cards is more than three times as fast as SDHC Class 10 cards. The UltimateXX product line will offer capacities of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

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