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New portable WiFi printer now in Australia

Pringo,  a unique portable WiFi printer which connects with both iOS and Android devices, has been launched in Australia by APE Distribution.

PringoIt made its ‘public debut’ last week at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre.

It will also be demonstrated at the annual Brisbane Cameraholics 15th Annual Camera Fair, Sunday, June 1, at the Global Learning Centre, Windsor.

APE Distribution managing director John Ackfield said the portable digital printer uses innovative, eco-friendly dye technology to allow instant printing from mobile phones and tablets.

‘The Pringo breaks new ground by delivering professional quality prints you can edit, decorate and print within minutes,’ said Mr Ackfield.

‘The rechargeable printer uses a free App which includes a range of photo editing options, beautiful borders and colourful stamps to allow users to create their own unique pocket-sized prints.’

The Pringo App is available from Google Play and Apple App Store, and allows users to connect their devices using WiFi technology while also syncing with cloud albums for an enhanced user experience.

‘The Pringo adds a unique protective layer to each print to ensure they remain UV, fingerprint and waterproof,’ Mr Ackfield said.

Pringo2The printer – available in either pink or pearl white – is about the size of a large smartphone or phablet, and only 25mm in depth. It weights under 400 g. Prints are 2×3.4-inches and 290dpi.

The printer will be initially sold online before expanding into retail outlets later this year.  RRP is $198, with print-and-ribbon packs available in 30s ($29.95) or 100s ($79.90)

‘The Pringo delivers personalised, instant and high-quality prints whether you’re at a party, travelling or on the job,’ said Mr Ackfield.

‘It’s also perfect for scrapbookers and families wanting to capture those special moments.’

APE Distribution is a subsidiary Australian Photographic Engineering Pty Ltd. For more information: www.apedistribution.com.au

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